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About CSS

Cancer Support Services (CSS) differs greatly from other cancer groups in that its number one priority is funding patient aid rather than research. CSS raises much needed funds to provide urgent items such as:

  Often-critical liquid dietary supplement
  Adult Diapers
  Bed Pads
  Cold and Pain Medications
  Personal Hygiene kits
  Other essential care products


CSS also funds the acquisition and distribution of merchandise to hospices and other non-profit health care providers. CSS’s patient and outreach programs may also supply goods to other non-profit public charities. All donations are tax deductible, under the IRS 501 (c)(3) Code. To receive a copy of our financial report write to: Cancer Support Services, 1 Parklane Blvd., 16th Floor East, Dearborne, MI, 48126. CSS is registered with the Attorney General’s / Secretary of State’s Office, however, registration does not imply State endorsement.


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Donate a Car


If you have a vehicle that you are thinking of trading in or selling, consider donating it to the Cancer Support Services Donate a Car Program.

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